Sunday, July 19, 2009


So we spent the last year lying to you. A long time ago we said this album was gonna come out and, well, it never did. Whoops! We feel real bad about that. In order to repent for our sins, we offer you this free download of the album (artwork included!). Of course, it's not as cool as the handmade CDs we'll have available for $5 at our shows, BUT its the whole damn record and you dont have to pay a cent. And on top of that, if you call Faison he'll come to yer house and lick yer bathroom clean while you listen. It's true! Ask him! Yeah, so anyway, just click that mediafire link, click "Click Here To Start Download," save it to yer computer, unzip the file and BAM there's the record. Hope you like it.

The Bulletproof Vests

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