Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hey, don't know if you noticed, but our record is available at your favorite record outlets (if those are spinstreet and shangri-la)!! Also, its for streaming right above this post, AND there's a link for a high quality download (sadly laced with popups) and an almost-as-good quality version here: http://thebulletproofvests.bandcamp.com/ (i refused to put a period after that).

We are playing at the Buccaneer this Thursday with Good Luck Dark Star. This will the be the last show by The Bulletproof Vests................... this summer. Next time we play a show of our own, we'll be deep into the fall and thus our favorite constellation, Orion, will be much easier to view.

Thursday's show marks an important moment for said Bulletproof Vests. What moment would that be? Well, to tell you the truth this summer has been a triumph of sorts. That wretched album of ours FINALLY came out (thanks to the intense labor of our keyboardist Dirk Kitterlin), and we managed to play about one gagillion shows -- all of which were completely incredible thanks to YOU. Some of you came to a show even though you had work the next morning, some of you helped us load our equipment out after we'd had too many whiskey & sodas, some of you put up with the ridiculous cover songs we though we could pull off, and some of you encouraged us to play some of those songs of ours that, at times, can be difficult to play.

How can we thank you? Well, first there will be no cover at the door. Secondly, we've asked a fine, fine band full of our friends to open the show. And finally, Greg promised to lose a few pounds. Wahoo!

In other news, we'll be recording a new album next month. We figured what better way to ensure this year as the YEAR OF THE BPV than to saturate the market and record another album!!! YEP! YOU HEARD (or read) IT RIGHT! By the time Attack! finally came out, we had already written a brand new album. So what can a poor band to do but record some more rock n roll songs? Our sessions start on the second week of September. Several of the songs have become staples of our live set, and several are also secret little ditties we've kept under lock and key. The album is tentacle-y titled "Where Are Our Arms?"

Hope to see you all Thursday for our final summer blowout.

Glove and Mittens,
The Bulletproof Vests

P.S. This blog was written from the point of view of a stadium rock band to ensure that our mothers view us as successful.

P.P.S. Mom, dont pay attention to that first P.S.

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